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Emission-free LNG regasification system with full recovery of electricity and thermal energy (- 163 °C) based on TBRC (Totally Broast Rankine Cycle) technology


What it is?

The "TBRC" (Totally Browsed Rankine Cycle) technology enables the recovery of electricity and thermal energy (the so-called cold temperature of approx. -163 °C), collectively referred to as "cold energy" in the LNG regasification process for commercial use. It is a custom designed set of heat exchangers with the installation for electricity and thermal energy production.


It is a Polish, and unique on a global scale, solution protected in the international PCT procedure and only one such high-performance system in the LNG regasification area available on the market.


Competitive advantage

Practically in all technologies offered by foreign and domestic companies, the entire LNG regasification process takes place with the participation of complex pumping systems that consume enormous amounts of electricity, and virtually all of the "cold energy" dissipates to the environment. This does not occur in TBRC technology. The existing LNG regasification technologies do not allow full recovery of energy accumulated in LNG during the liquefaction process.


How does it work?

Cooling energy coming from the LNG re-gasification process in the TBRC technology is a side effect (ie it is free) of the gas expansion process: cold (-163 °C, through the heat exchanger system goes directly to the end user) and electricity generated from the pressure coming from expanded gas (using engines and turbines). All gas remains the responsibility of the operator to further develop, for example, the production of other types of energy needed by the contractor (heat, steam, electricity) - this is possible to obtain under the TBRC technology through the use of so-called cogeneration. The surplus gas can also be resold to the gas operator.


Areas of application

Industrial power engineering (refrigeration cycles, gas compressors and CO2 freezing), industrial freezers, freeze drying and fruit and vegetable processing plants, dairies, bakeries, meat processing, plants specializing in elastic cryorecycycling (e.g. tire crushing) and in ski tourism.


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Contact coordinates:

Tadeusz Bąk – President | tel.: +48 505 123 084

Marek Gościcki – Vice-president | tel. +48 515 939 894

Radosław Wojak – Business Development Manager | tel.: +48 600 305 150

Clean World Energy Systems Sp. z o. o.

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