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Zero-emission, polish integrated technology for high-efficiency generation and storage of electricity.


The C-GEN technology is based on the innovative integration of several mature and proven technologies in the industry, in one highly-efficient process, entering the new model of the economy - "circular economy". Its secret is the creative combination of partial technologies in one process, which makes it possible to achieve remarkable synergy effects. It is suitable for multi-sector use - in power engineering, industrial chemistry, agriculture, and environmental protection.


The C-GEN installation flexibly adapts to the situation and, at the operator's request, will provide the system with as much electricity as is currently needed, or switch to the excess electricity storage in the National Power System, ensuring energy security.


Competitive advantage

The C-GEN project may become a symbol of the revitalization of the industry based on ecological and technological innovations, bringing tangible business and economic-financial benefits to enterprises as well as to the national economy. The project responds to the increasing global economic and environmental problems:

  • greenhouse effect;

  • oversupply of electricity from renewable energy sources along with a fall in prices;

  • decarbonisation - a decrease in demand for hard coal due to the consequences of CO2 emissions to the environment despite the fact that "C" coal is the cheapest source of energy;

  • negative financial efficiency of electricity generation in coal-fired power plants;

  • more and more stringent standards for CO2 emissions into the environment - so-called winter package;


How it works

The basic process of this technology is the mineralization/gasification of coal fuels such as lignite and hard coal, biomass, RDF or other waste. In the process, no waste escapes from the system. The oxygen process supplementing the mineralization process, increases the efficiency of energy yield more than twice. The combination of highly efficient electrolysis processes with mineralization along with the methanation system, allows to solve the problem of energy storage at the lowest unit cost.


In contrast to a typical power plant, the C-GEN installation is characterized by a revolutionary approach to production. The unusual possibility of flexible work in any mode, i.e. production or storage of electricity - depending on the current demand - allows to solve the main problem of the power sector, which is power grid instability.


The C-GEN technology in the extended variant with a CO2 capture system, associated with the production of ammonium compounds, is the first global technological and process solution, a high-efficiency zero-emission power plant. What is extraordinary is that C-GEN in the "circular economy" mode, can emit only oxygen to the atmosphere instead of CO2.


The combination of several well-known and mature technologies allows the production of electricity and heat in a virtually emission-free manner, also excluding the production of dust and smog. The waste of this process is natural gas, urea, ammonia or methanol. One more curiosity, in the classical ammonia production process in chemical plants, approximately 1.2 tonnes of CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere per one tonne of ammonia. In C-GEN technology, ammonia and urea are produced emission-free.



Areas of application

The obtained synergy effects allow to achieve unprecedented results in many sectors of the economy, such as: energy, gas, mining, agriculture, industrial chemistry or environmental protection.



The essential features of the C-GEN technology:

1. in the process of generating electricity, it can be a "zero-emission" power plant, completely fulfilling the guidelines of the Paris climate conference directives, through a complete elimination of emissions of CO2, NOx, dioxins and furans into the atmosphere;


2. has the highest energy efficiency (definitely higher than the best, classic coal-fired power plants) assuming full CO2 capture by both technologies;


3. allows, in an industrial manner, to produce or store electricity at any idustrial scale (in a medium such as methane);


4. allows relatively cheap conversion of post-process gases into commercial products such as: urea, methanol, ammonia or other, allowing gradually to become independent from gas imports;


5. enables the creation of an economically efficient infrastructure for vehicles powered by electrolytic hydrogen, supporting the electromobility industry;


6. allows for an additional reduction of the greenhouse effect by permanently binding CO2 from the atmosphere, to a closed agricultural-energy cycle, thus being a CO2 reducer per capita, with simultaneous oxygen emission;


7. reduction of the so-called low methane emission through agriculture, through the management of biomass and low-quality waste which are difficult to undergo fermentation processes;


8. technology of gasification / mineralization of fuels of a carbon character allows to solve problems with municipal waste or biomass;


9. high business attractiveness of the project (low cost of electricity generation with non-waste production of ammonium compounds and other chemical products);


10. export opportunities (turnkey plants) of Polish innovative technological thought - technologically advanced goods, increasing the competitiveness of Poland in the world.


C-GEN is the first global circular economy solution (where waste from one process becomes the raw material for another, and industrial symbiosis causes waste or by-products from one sector - for example agriculture or industry - to become a raw material for another) with a macroeconomic dimension, with innovative potential, which can permanently be part of the sustainable development program of the economy.


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